Seetalabs’ Ronin solves yet another ranking mystery of transformer fleet management for an Indonesian oil-testing lab.

The backstory of transformers

A transformer-oil testing lab from Indonesia approached Seetalabs to help them with transformer fleet management. Their fleet contained 9 medium-voltage transformers that are operating for a local utility. The lab performed dissolved gas analysis (DGA) on oil from these transformers allowing them to identify the faulty/non-faulty status of each transformer. However, due to lack of other data such as breakdown voltage, interfacial tension, tan-delta, etc., it was difficult to arrange these transformers in order of intervention priority. Hence, it was challenging for the testing lab to deliver this task without suitable technology back-up. On the other hand, it was exciting for us to evaluate Ronin’s capabilities and its potential for scale-up.

The Ronin solution

Despite a poor data availability we encouraged the user to upload the available data to Ronin Dashboard. The Ronin is a powerful tool for quick evaluation of oil-filled transformers by predicting their individual health index scores. It results in a beautiful sequence of transformers as per their individual health index. The health index of each of these transformers indicates their overall status in terms of reliability and time needed for human intervention. The full set of results contains not just the transformer health index, but also general recommendations to follow within a given time frame. It was now a piece of cake for the testing company to arrange these transformers according to their intervention priority.

The conclusion

This case study is proof that Ronin works well with cases of missing data. It can evaluate the impact of missing data on health index calculation and capable of compensating it suitably. This is a strong attraction point for global oil-testing labs and service companies looking for a technologicallybacked opinion on their asset management prognosis.

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