Ronin AI

The first AI driven platform to evaluate health status

of large power transformers 


What is RONIN AI?


 RONIN AI is our cloud platform for the real-time calculation and health monitoring of large power transformers to prevent abrupt power outages due by machine faults and to predict manufacturing power needs.

RONIN AI is a unique digital predictive maintenance solution shifting popular health indexing approach into a scientific and validated machine learning model.

Power Transformers Health Index as Multi Purpose Strategy 

CIGRE A2.44 (630) defines transformer health index as “an overall indicator describing the condition status of a transformer that the decision maker can use to define and prioritize the required action”.

CIGRE A2.49 (761) suggests that it can be used “to identify transformers that are most likely to fail on a timescale to plan intervention.”

A well-designed health index can convert strategic condition monitoring data in to useful remarks that can accelerate decision making. We use it to highlight and rank transformers on the basis of their health status within a fleet.  It helps in determining asset reliability and intervention priority based on technical urgency.

A health index should not be used to mask alarms generated out of bad condition monitoring data.


CIGRE is a collaborative global community committed to the world’s leading knowledge development programme for the creation and sharing of power system expertise.

500kVA-800MVA range

Wide range of transformers applications


24/7 data availability

View, search, analyze, or download your data anytime

Fast Mass Reporting

Get bulk health index based recommendations 

Only 14 indicators needed

Requires chemical data of main oil tank only

Why using Artificial Intelligence on power transformers?

An adequate asset maintenance and management strategy is the only key to avoid failures, unplanned downtime and, above all, extensive damage related to unexpected outages.

Just think of what happened in February 2021, when the great cold paralyzed the energy production and electricity grids of Texas, not only killing dozens and blocking most of the activities but revealing the vulnerability of essential infrastructures and the lack of investment towards a resilient network.



Prediction accuracy

Synthetic assets training dataset

Seconds to predict

Real assets trained

Features selected

Lines of code

Trial analysis

Is 80% accuracy level enough?

If you build a machine learning model that fits “too much” to the data you will probably get a model with a very high coefficient of determination. However, a model that adapts too much to a specific set of data, following every slightest variation, is then not very generalizable and with low predictive power.

In statistics, these are termed as over-fitting problems.

We trained our system to reach 80% of accuracy, because we simply do not want to overfit!

This is satisfactory for predictive modeling and very good for real case application because it’s not overfitting on a particular sample of power transformers.

Benefits of industrial transformers health indexing

Industrial transformers are strategic units that can improve the production capacities of metal processing industries such as steel, aluminium, copper, etc.

Industrial transformers are categorized as furnace and convertor transformers. A furnace transformer provides the electrical arc needed to melt the raw materials inside the furnance, such as in iron & steel industries. It is essential for an asset manager to identify and maintain the overall health and reliability of such  transformers to avoid unplanned downtime and compromise production capacity.

    Trend analysis and asset comparison

    RONIN AI allows service engineers and asset managers a quick review of their asset management decisions. This assists them in prioritizing actions and recommendations for the best allocation of budget and resources.

    Ronin AI provides health index score for each testing date of the same asset. This allows the asset manager to use the trend analysis feature for individual asset or for comparison purposes.

    Type and range of asset

    Ronin AI can analyse mineral oil filled transformers rated between 500 kVA and 800 MVA. Based on functionalities and voltage class, they can be power, substation, step-up, step-down, shunt-reactors, industrial, furnace, traction, and auto-transformers.



    Smart Manufacturing

    Manufacturers can use AI driven ranking tool for better completion of their asset management tasks with major budget saving on time and cost of operations. They can use such strategies to redefine the technical and economical parameters of their asset management actions with greater transparency. Conversely, this will improve their market performance, client satisfaction, and overall business expansion.

    5 Predictions for Free

    Ask for a free try-out license to explore Ronin AI.

    Unlimited Support & Updates

    With Ronin AI you have 24/7 support and assistance available to help you with your predictions and analytics.

    90 days Free Data storage

    All subscribers get a 90 days free and secure storage of their data. Our Enterprise and Professional users can get an additional data storage of 365 days in addition to the free period. You can internally share, view, or download your data anytime!

    Satisfied Customers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We collected some of the frequently asked question from our clients and customers during interactions on Ronin AI.

    How is Ronin AI different from other software/tools?

    Ronin AI is outstandingly distinct because of:

    • A machine learning (ML) based algorithm
    • Fully automated data management
    • 24/7 support and availability
    • 3 months of free and encrypted data storage
    • Less than 30 minutes of training

    Can I use Ronin AI with my condition monitoring suite?

    Ronin AI predicts transformer health index based on condition monitoring data using a simple .csv file format. Yes, you can use Ronin AI with your existing condition monitoring suite to rank and highlight your transformers that are most likely to fail within a fleet. 

    How can I buy Ronin AI predictions?

    You can buy in 3 easy steps. Watch the demo, ask for a try out license, and lastly ask for a customized offer from our sales department.

    What happens when my license expires?

    When you finish your license, you will receive an email one week prior to the expiring date informing of the status. If you are interested in renewing, please get in touch with our sales department to get a customized offer.

    Can I store my data? For how long? Is it safe?

    We offer free 3 month storage to all our clients. For our long term clients, we provide an additional 12 months of safe, secure, and fully encrypted data storage facilities. During this time, you can share, view, and download your data unlimited!

    Can I share my data with my colleagues?

    Absolutely, yes! We believe sharing is caring. That is why we allow unlimited access to your data that can be downloaded and printed as per your convenience.

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