Reinventing predictive maintenance through an ethical, legal, robust tool to interpret power transformer condition using artificial intelligence 


It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you of how powerful they are


Seetalabs applies the power of big data, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) in its core product, the RONIN AI Platform®. The RONIN AI Platform® uses its proprietary technologies to add context to data and incorporates self-learning capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions to major global corporations in the power, energy, metal manufacturing, insurance and transportation industries.

Founded in 2020, Seetalabs is a worldwide distributed startup, headquartered in Turin (Italy), and serves its customers through online pipelines and offline contact nodes in Italy, Japan, France, Australia, Israel, Colombia and India.

Since its inception, Seetalabs has focused in developing cutting edge solutions to solve important energy related challenges and reliability. 

Target market


Energy-intensive industries such as paper, steel and aluminium works, mining sites, nuclear research centers


Stand-alone and grid asset owners (energy utilities)


Power transformer manufacturers


Transformer testing labs with chemical and electrical testing facilities


Power transformer service maintenance companies


Insurance companies specialized in energy sector


We are an open team of engineers, data analysts, developers and domain advisors around the world with the mission of transforming artificial intelligence into an intuitive, ethical, and economical tool aimed at anyone who needs to reduce complexity 

Massimiliano Vurro

Massimiliano Vurro


Sruti Chakraborty

Sruti Chakraborty

R&D Manager

Alessandro Capo

Alessandro Capo

Sales Manager

Fabio Cionini

Fabio Cionini

Full Stack Developer

Fabio Zaccaria

Fabio Zaccaria

Front-end Developer

Stefano Talassi

Stefano Talassi

Advisor - Business Analysis

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