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Transformer Health Index

CIGRE A2.44 (630) defines transformer health index as “an overall indicator describing the condition status of a transformer that the decision maker can use to define and prioritize the required action such as repair/replacement, spares strategy definition etc.”

Transformer health indexing using score-weight matrix method, which allocates a numerical score to each transformer in the fleet and ranks them according to intervention priority, is extremely popular. CIGRE A2.49(761) provides details instructions for using this method. However, it also reports that such methods can often lead to optimistic assessment of transformer condition due to masking of some failure modes.

Therefore, a machine learning algorithm was specifically designed to provide better visibility, finding correlation between parameters that were previously unknown, and enhacing the index quality; while managing the Mt. Big-Data that you may be sitting on!


Transform your diagnostic data into health index to rate the overall health of your asset. Use our powerful algorithms for criticality analysis without ever worrying about data processing, security, knowledge preservations or ambiguity.


Let us assist you in choosing the right AI-framework for your asset management needs to reduce your burden of big data. Explore our data management solutions that are cloud-based, secure and fully encrypted. Let us also mention, that only you hold the key to your data!


Our all-new AI warrior RONIN  is a hyper-precision tool to analyse the overall health of your oil-filled transformer for improving the performance, efficiency and life. It can forecast the immediate and long-term risks associated with your assets.


Connect to Seeta

Simply log-on to SEETALABS website using your desktop monitors, laptops or even mobile phones.


Select predictor

Our single predictor is suitable for one-asset-at-a time. For bulk needs, see batch predictor.


Upload asset data

Upload asset data manually (single request) or by .csv file (batch request).


Security & safety

During upload and processing, your data is encrypted by a third-party certification.


Download or view results

Congrats! Your results are now ready for viewing or downloading. Wasn’t that fun?

Why Choose Ronin? Why Choose Us?

RONIN is the best response towards:

  • Big data management
  • Handling inconsistency in data base
  • Rapid priority ranking of potentially risky transformers
  • 24/7 post-sales and tech support from our experts across the globe
  • One-click way to analyze upto 500 transformers within a single upload

Reducing Carbon Emission

+ Details

No unwanted hardware/software requirement

Save electricity

Save environment

Reducing outage risk

+ Details

Early failure alarm

Condition based analysis

Reliable decision making


24/7 Availability

+ Details

Expert assistance


Service and sales support


+ Details

Unbaised predictions 

No pre-processing of data required

Humans involvement required only for periodic maintenance of RONIN

Unique Features


Prediction accuracy

Synthetic assets

Real assets trained

Transformer types

Seconds to predict

Trial analysis


Assets analyzed in single request

Features selected

Month freemium

Team Effort

Global flying miles presenting the project

Hours of coding

Team members

Validation tests

Lines of code

Market Data

USD yearly market value

+100MVA Power transformers global installation

USD Market target by 2021

USD target in mid-term market

Forecasted test requests till 2022

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