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RONIN is machine learning based tool for quick evaluation of the health of fluid-filled power transformers. It uses dissolved-gas analysis, oil and paper quality data to predict the transformer health index.

It is useful for expert and non-experts users to have a real-time  assessment of transformer tank. It is also aimed to assist grid managers and diagnostic experts to obtain reliablehyper-precise  and unbiased assessment within seconds!

It is low-cost, user-friendly and hassle-free.

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Transformer Health Index

As the population of in-service transformer fleet grows older, meticulous monitoring of their condition is essential to plan suitable preventive actions. Popular condition monitoring tests such as dissolved gas analysis, oil quality tests, humidity and furan measurements may be methodical, but rather difficult to analyse without the expertise. Besides, it is impossible to produce reliable assessment of these transformers without integrating additional observations, such as service history, visual inspection, offline electrical tests and field experience.

Health index (HI) is a tool to analyse the data obtained from various sources such as laboratory and on-site inspection to produce a numerical score reflecting the overall condition of a transformer, ranked against a fleet. This is an incredibly useful and complete tool to prioritise actions for critical transformers. Most the existing HI-models are based on either decision theory or computational intelligence with an untapped potential for improvement.


Transform your diagnostic data into health index to rate the overall health of your asset. Use our powerful algorithms for criticality analysis without ever worrying about data processing, security, knowledge preservations or ambiguity.


Let us assist you in choosing the right AI-framework for your asset management needs to reduce your burden of big data. Explore our data management solutions that are cloud-based, secure and fully encrypted. Let us also mention, that only you hold the key to your data!


Our all-new AI warrior RONIN  is a hyper-precision tool to analyse the overall health of your oil-filled transformer for improving the performance, efficiency and life. It can forecast the immediate and long-term risks associated with your assets.


Connect to Seeta

Simply log-on to SEETALABS website using your desktop monitors, laptops or even mobile phones.


Select predictor

Our single predictor is suitable for one-asset-at-a time. For bulk needs, see batch predictor.


Upload asset data

Upload asset data manually (single request) or by .csv file (batch request).


Security & safety

During upload and processing, your data is encrypted by a third-party certification.


Download or view results

Congrats! Your results are now ready for viewing or downloading. Wasn’t that fun?

Why Choose Ronin? Why Choose Us?

Our AI-driven, cloud-based, and serverless SaaS are the best responses to:

  • Reduced carbon emission 
  • Transformer data inconsistency issues
  • Ensuring worldwide 24/7 post-sales support 
  • Restricting human activities to app maintenance only

Reducing Carbon Emission

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No unwanted hardware/software requirement

Save electricity

Save environment

Reducing outage risk

+ Details

Early failure alarm

Condition based analysis

Reliable decision making


24/7 Availability

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Expert assistance


Service and sales support


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Unbaised predictions 

No pre-processing of data required

Humans involvement required only for periodic maintenance of RONIN

Special Benefits

Multidevice API

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Cloud-service and ease-of-acess with encryption facilities

Continuous learning and self-improvement

Third party approach

Unique Features


Prediction accuracy

Synthetic assets

Real assets trained

Transformer types

Seconds to predict

Trial analysis


Assets analyzed in single request

Features selected

Month freemium

Team Effort

Global flying miles presenting the project

Hours of coding

Team members

Validation tests

Lines of code

Market Data

USD yearly market value

+100MVA Power transformers global installation

USD Market target by 2021

USD target in mid-term market

Forecasted test requests till 2022

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