We want to increase ways to stay in touch with our growing friendly bubble of clients around the world. After on demand webinars and “coffee chat corner”, we are finally releasing some useful tutorials to support your first steps inside our world.  

First tutorial is for an international audience : you will learn how to customize your account, where to find the timeline of each your data upload, then a quick look how to manage vouchers and licenses before jumping into hot topics.

We will show you then how to upload data and what are the k-input parameters we need. Actually they are very few: DGA, asset age and another one among moisture content in the oil, acidity, tan delta, furanics, interfacial tension and break down voltage. So you do not have to be afraid to diffuse sensitive data such as serial numbers. Finally a quick look into very effective “search” section to set up your customised stats. If you forget something do not worry, FAQ section is there to help you.

We are going next, to create tutorials also in specific languages to stay closer and closer. Here the first in Italian. Soon others will come in French, Spanish, Hindi and Japanese , so stay tuned and See you, Au revoir, Hasta luego, फिर मिलते हैं, またね