Saudi Aramco is one of largest middle-eastern producers of natural gas and petroleum in the world. It is operative worldwide and engages in various activities like exploration, production, refining, processing, and distribution of chemical products. Being one of the largest petroleum processing companies Aramco has many distributions transformers spread across its many plants and sites. They have chosen RONIN for rapid fleet assessment and prioritizing intervention tasks through transformer health indexing.  

As a part of a joint operation, Seetalabs’ will be delivering an on-demand webinar for the Aramco employees. The webinar “From Data to Decision” will educate the asset managers and engineers about the use of RONIN, a machine-learning (ML) based platform for health indexing of transformers. Seetalabs will also provide a live demonstration and testing of a small fleet of various transformers using RONIN. Join us live on 11th Feb 2021 at 08:30 AM CET.