Despite COVID-19 restrictions, there is a major boost in various trends of power and energy sector. As the world embraces for this, click here to know more about the future of energy market.

To make the most of it, we must translate some of the k-points from this point of view. Basically, COVID-19 is just boosting some of last years mega trends in Power and Energy Sector . Some of those related with some new trends in maintenance practices have been highlighted in some of the posts here .

The big and trending topics we like the best are:

Digitalization stress : An avalanche effect on use of AI , IoT, Decentralized maintenance practices etc.

Renewable Energy wins:

Despite obliquos mind set, there is a considerable interest and investment in renewable energy, battery storage, and hydrogen production projects.

Utilities M&A lansdscape reshaping :

The already thin fences between Oil & Gas and Power Generation ownerships will collapse with new entities producing and dispatching sources. They may even have alternative fuel refill stations . This will drive many industries and households in designing new, local and perhaps smarted dispatching grids.

These new horizons keep on relying on Power Transformers and SeetaLabs will continue to protect them as RONIN already does.