Seetalabs is very excited to launch two new add-ons for existing and new users of their Ronin dahsboard to track the behavior of transformer fleets.

What is Ronin?

We are reinventing artificial intelligence (AI) applications for reliability-centered actions in transformer industry. In this series, our maiden technology Ronin is rapidly gaining global recognition. Ronin is an online tool to predict the transformer health index (HI) based on typical oil-based condition monitoring data. In our current suite you can upload the key parameters to predict HI score. It uses state-of-art data analytics tools and power transformers condition monitoring know-how of our team.

Asset trend analysis

Seetalabs’ is excited to launch its latest add-on “Trend anaylsis” to all the existing and new users. Users can choose up to 6 assets to obtain their health index trends. Take a look at the example below. The following chart shows the dynamic health indexing of two transformers on a wide time scale. You can add up to 6 transformers in a single chart to observe their dynamic trends similar to the chart below. The users will also get a peek in to similar trends on the behavior of water content and CO2/CO ratio of each transformer.

Fleet management

Ronin dashboard is now eqipped eith another brand new add-on called “Fleet management”. Users can now create a group of their transformers of choice to make a fleet. As the fleet is created, users can immediately view the condition of their fleet based on the mean of latest health index scrores of each transformer that is selected in that particular fleet. Take a sneak peak below.The user will also get a manufacturer-, and HI-based distribution of transformers, standard deviation of each asset from the proposed mean, and a collective indicator of fleet behavior with suitable explaination.

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