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Coffee Corner on youtube SPECIAL EDITION !

SeetaLabs’ Coffee Corner Special Edition: Ms Sruti Chakraborty and Mr. Marius Grisaru are talking about best way to use Duval Triangle DGA calculation tool Click here to watch the full video. Learn about the use of our quick screening tool to have the primary understanding of what goes inside a transformer within the powerindustry using artificialintelligencepreventivemaintenanceconditionmonitoringfuturetrendsand smartgrids

Did you know, what you are watching in this video are some of the tools you may find in our RONIN!

Sruti and Marius, while sharing their impressive knowledge about gas issues inside transformers are using the SEETALABS’s RONIN on linee tool which forecasts power transformer health index . Also, look forward to an exiciting webinar that we are going to be holding with some of best known people around the world!

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