Spend less, save more, and boost your reliability centered maintenance plans!

Sounds like a promising new feat, isn’t it? But, what if this is not fiction and far simpler than a strange reality? What if, you can actually manage large transformer fleets and make quick decisions to boost your transformer uptime in just 6 seconds! Take a read below to know some very interesting facts about RONIN AI.

Reliability centered maintenance: balancing cost, time & quality

The key to boost transformer uptime is to maintain reliable operation. Therefore, the reliability centered maintenance (RCM) of expensive equipments such as transformers is the new normal. It involves conitnuous and meticulous monitoring of many operational parameters that can affect the performance of transformers. Evidently, it requires sampling, testing, and diagnostics based on some very rigid protocols or standards. Based on the observations, the asset manager can

  1. Establish a set of rules that can transformer observations in to an actionable sequence, or
  2. Adopt a suitable health index approach to turn fuzzy data in to a precise performance indicator in less time and cost

Among the two options above, use of health index indicators is way practical,for an immediate and marco-level risk ranking. To achive this, there are two way. One that is completely manual including actions such as sample collection, testing, diagnostics, data minig, management, and analytics to prepare recommendations.

On the other hand, a semi-automatic way is by outsourcing the data analytics to an intelligent tool such as RONIN.

Take a look at the amount of resources needed for obtaining health index of a single transformer in a complete manual Vs. semi-automatic way.

Now, take a look at the time and cost needed to do this exercise through both options. The cost considerations are approximate and may vary based on geographical locations and individual demands.

Evidently, the complete manual option takes about 50 days for the entire process. Conversely the RONIN way can cut down your decision maing time from 50 days to 6 seconds!

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