As soon as the DEMO portals open, there was flooding of bookings from all over the world. We saw many power sector clients asking for live sessions, support documents, and pricing policies. This was just an initial booster, but the kick was yet to come!

Big Score for Seetalabs in power sector!

We can now proudly share some sneak-peeks of our further giant steps that will allow us to strenghten our vision regarding AI- driven experiences in power sector. We commit to honour the confidentiality agreement towards our counterparts. However, we can share the progress of SeetaLabs and the role of various strategic players that we engaged with during this period.

Key player in the MENA region goes on trial with our AI-solutions for power sector

A state-owned testing & accreditation corporation of MENA region, has positively evaluated Ronin during a Demo Session held in May-2020. As an aftermath, their freemium offer for long-term and overall evaluation of RONIN will begin soon. The company has an oustanding record of global cooperation allowing them to get regional leadership for testing, accreditation, and training .


Huge endorsement from is a key and independent opinion leader in asset maintenance . The most trusted source of the latest reliability & uptime maintenance news and information in the industry. Their recent contribution “power transformer reliability” mentions RONIN as a useful tool alongwith relevant solutions from Siemens, Doble etc. We are proud to say that SeetaLabs’ RONIN is the only AI-driven system that finds a mention.

With monumental progress in the field of AI, it is time to use data-driven approaches for exponential technical developments. AI-enabled systems can ensure real-time collection, analysis, and prediction of energy storage capacities. Furthermore, it can provide insights to optimize asset performance and grid stability by early detection of potential faults/failures.

South American service company using RONIN to handle tricky data and faulty transformers

We have always maintained that a quick response time is a value addition in our Ronin. Recently, a key service company based in South America used our prediction system to resolve specific challenges such as;

  • diving in to the asset history of a faulty transformer to locate the earliest signs that caused the failure
  • to recreate the 4-year performance of such assets despite incomplete, truncated, or dubious data.  

Under the expert supervision of our Advisors, SeetaLabs’ achieved its goal that will change future approaches.

RONIN can help to reduce the number of testing parameters witout loosing any relevant information on the asse. It will let you dive in to the historical log of the asset without additional cost or effort. Most excitingly, one can analyse such assets despite truncated dataset and within just 6 hours.