The entire energy value chain is transforming. Almost every technology provider in the world is feverishly working on providing secure and sustainable digitial solutions that are high on carbon neutrality.

This philosophy drives Seetalabs’ technological solution, the Ronin AI-Dashboard. Our motive is simple. Reduce data complexities and enhance human possibilities. Our solutions are particularly built for asset managers who are overwhelmed by the shear quantity, complexity, and redundancy in their transformer-condition monitoring data.

In the past quarter, many clients from material processing industry, advanced research facilities, key players of the privatized energy distribution grid have shown an exponential interest in digitalized predictive maintenance of transformers. It is purely thanks to this interest and word-of-mouth, that we delightfully and most humbly announce our participation at the IEEE members meet in the Great Lakes area, USA. The meeting will be held on 11th of June 2021 between 12:00 and 1:30 PM EDT. Seetalabs is particularly thankful to Dr. Abe Shahrodi (Power Magnetronics Solutions) for his kindness, support, and sponsorship for this event.

Stay tuned as we introduce our digitial, cloud-based solution for carbon neutral health management of large transformer fleets. We also invite you to join our LinkedIn channel for more updates.