The ongoing pandemic has disruptive all possible aspects of our lives. While most the us remain indoors, our dependency on electricity has bared shifted left. However, there are no clear reports that shows this shift. Neither are there are sources that summarize the impact of this crisis on the global electricity demands. In this blog post, I try to gather some insights from various sources and compress it in a single frame.

The rush hours

Despite the “remote” arrangement, the peak working hours worldwide remain from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm during the weekdays. An interesting survey given here, shows the daily electricity consumption during peak hours across various European nations in March-2020. With US shifting towards remote working to avoid national lockdown, the need for domestic supply has certainly increased as suggested here. So the real question is, what does it all mean for the transformer industry in general?

 Disruption and resurgence 

As optimistic as one can be, the truth is that in the aftermath of the disruption businesses will be prioritized. Along with this, the way transformer service sector operates will changed as well. Remote working in transformer industry will no longer be a scene out of a sci-fi movie. Instead of being labelled as a product provider, the organization may become a manufacturing facility after all. Condition monitoring services will finally upgrade into a really smart, crafty and safe working model. Post sales services and customer commitments will be pro-active even during crisis. And the whole supply chain will evolve into a new model that delivers all promises but not only on a “just-in-time” principle.

Final desitnation

It is going to take more than just a few encouraging words to resurge after the pandemic is over. Many promising opportunities wait at our doorsteps. Expansion of the transformer industry into a multi-billion dollar revenue generator is going to need some hard brain-storming on how to improve all its aspects. SeetaLabs understands this more than ever, and hence working towards providing the smartest solutions on predictive maintenance of electrical transformers.

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