Intelligent Transformer Fleet Management

Manage large fleets of power transformers by health-based ranking using machine learning.

Asset Evaluation

Get detailed report on transformer health

Cyber Security

Stay assured with secure and controlled cloud environment

Data Analysis

Transform oil diagnostic data into actionable decisions

Anytime Anywhere

Unleash the power of cloud computing from any device

Quick Response

Fast prediction of transformer health index

Data Protection

Stay in-charge of your data availbility & governance

Digitizing transformer predictive maintenance 

Asset engineers, operators, and managers often struggle to find the minimum optimal balance between the health inspection, risk prioritization, and work completion due to the pseudo-digitization of the transformer industry.

Abrupt outages, longer diagnostic and planning time, data complexities, and ageing workforce further complicates the issue.

The key to solve this challenge is by adopting a comprehensive reliability-rank based system such as transformer health index.

Meet Ronin, our unique solution for digital predictive maintenance of transformers that is based on health indexing approach using a scientifically developed and validation machine learning model.

Tools & Resources

Apart from the basic expert knowledge models, transformer industry demands better statistical and machine learning models for quick, low-cost, and competitive transformer health indexing strategies. 

Machine learning is a sub-set of artificial intelligence that allows self-learning and improvement with minimum human bias or intervention.

The efficacy of machine learning models to predict transformer health comes from automation of data to find the best and most comprehensive analytics workflow.

Proactive & sustainable approach

Our goals are simple.

Reduce data complexities. Expand human possibilities.

We are determined to bring you sustainable, scalable, and simple solutions on engineering, operations, and management actions by data-driven decisions.

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