Artificial Intelligence for Power Transformers

Evaluate the reliability of power transformers by asset health indexing through artificial intelligence tools.

Asset Evaluation

Can you tell me the transformer’s condition in real time?

Self-engineered AI stack

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Data Analysis

Can you use my transformer-oil testing report? 

Health Index

How do I know if my transformer is in good or bad health?

Quick Response

Is my transformer reliable? How long do I have before I take actions?

Security first

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AI solutions for transformer reliability

The reliability of power transformers refers to whether, or not, it can withstand exsisting operational conditions. With poor operational reliability of transformers, you are always at a risk of abrupt outages, tripping, and even grid failure!

The key to improve transformer reliability is the rapidness, accuracy, and effectiveness by which key information on transformer condition is understood. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by transformer health indexing.

Therefore, we have intergated our knowledge of advanced computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-driven modelling with transformer health index estimation algorithms.

Meet RONIN, our first-ever machine learning driven web-based tool for your transformer health indexing needs, within 6 seconds!



Tools & Resources

RONIN is a unique web-based tool for predicting the health index of oil-filled power transformers using machine learning.

It is hassle-free, low-cost, and useful for both expert and  non-expert users to obtain real-time health index of transformers .

It is the key to improve your decision making capabilities on transformer fleet management!


Proactive & sustainable approach

Our goals are simple. Learn, adapt, and improve.

We are continuously improving the reliability-centered actions in various industries by innovative application of artificial intelligence (AI). We are determined to reduce operational cost, provide sustainable business solutions, and increase safety of human, technological, and scientific resources. 

This is just the first step, we have miles to go!

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