Machine Learning for Transformer Assessment

Explore transformer condition assessment using machine learning (ML) on a web-based platform.

Asset Evaluation

Advanced data analytics for real-time results

Self-engineered AI stack

Carefully crafted environment for optimum response

Data Analysis

Allow our algorithm to select and optimize the best condition monitoring parameters

Health Index

Numerical-score based health interpretation

Quick Response

Know your transformer’s health in minutes

Security first

Full encryption and user-only access


Transformer asset management

Transformer asset management (TAM) is a collective reference to various action plans that can identify risky assets, plan, and prioritize failure avoidance actions. Prior knowledge on the asset health based on condition monitoring and diagnostic data is the key to optimize TAM.

Our RONIN is a machine learning-based health-index platform to convert condition monitoring data into transformer health.


Tools & Resources

RONIN is a unique web-based tool for predicting the health of oil-filled power transformers using machine learning

It is hassle-free, low-cost, and useful for both expert and  non-expert users to obtain real-time health index of transformers .


Proactive & sustainable approach

Innovate and improve the reliability-centred actions in asset intensive industries using AI to reduce operational cost, increase safety, save energy and environment. Being web-based, we consume less energy for data storage, hardware utilization and software maintenace. More significantly, our carbon emissions are extremely low due to the cloud-controlled operation of our software. 

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