All data is biased. But not all bias comes from data alone.

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Whenever we talk about data, we talk about bias that may come with data-driven decisions. As soon as artificial intelligence (AI) enters this mix, the implications could be far reaching.

Keeping all this in mind, we introduced Ronin AI Dashboard as the first AI-driven platform to simplify predictive maintenance practices.

However, we understand your concerns about bias!

Therefore, we are launching our Project: Human and Ronin, a socio-technical experiment to evaluate the risk and level of bias in AI application in transformer industry.

Project: Human and Ronin

Asset managers in transformer industry use an acceptable strategy called health indexing for maintenance decisions. While the strategy and condition parameters used to calculate this “index” may vary, yet the philosophy is always same.

Project: Human and Ronin is an open call to all asset managers and industry advisors to identify, evaluate, and mitigate the risk of bias in predictive maintenance and asset management using health indexing.

      How to participate?

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      You will be given oil data (dissolved gas analysis, water-in-oil, acidity, breakdown voltage etc) of 3 transformers. You will be asked to rate the health index of these transformers on a scale of 0 (very bad) to 100 (very good).

      This is not a competition between human beings and machines; instead, we are exploring the overlay between human judgement and AI intuition.

      We appreciate your time and as a token of gratitude we offer you a free demo and 7 free try-out license of our tool.

      Have a nice day!