This article summarizes key aspects of various artificial intelligence (AI) approaches as a part of emerging technology for smart grid solutions. The aim of this article is to introduce key concepts to reader with very little AI exposure.


With increase in energy demands, there is an immediate need for optimization of the power supply grid. Furthermore, sensor technology has completely disrupted the traditional methods of asset monitoring. Even the distribution substations moving one step closer by integrating sensors and artifical intelligence (AI) as a part of emerging technology for substation asset management. Hence, it imperative to spread technical awareness among stakeholders to enable their substation management choices.

Facts of smart substation monitoring

The key to smart monitoring of substation assets are robustness, low-cost and remote operation. Substations are nodal points of supply grids, hence these solutions must be reliable. Traditionally, substation automation uses IoT-sensors, wireless communication and digital processing technology for asset monitoring. However, it is not possible to monitor all parameters of an asset using sensors. Besides, big data accumulation during fleet analysis through condition monitoring can be quite challenging for humans. Hence, we explore various aspects of AI applications for substation transformer management here. As we introduce the basics of these AI techniques, we simultaneously seek readers who may be interested in adopting AI based solutions by enabling their decision making.

Despite progress in sensor technology and wireless communication, such solutions are largely restricted by the risk of data quality. When all parameters are not accessible directly, they call for sampling and laboratory testing. This hinders the complete automation of asset monitoring in substations. In absence of operational history, condition assessment of substations are partial and largely unreliable.

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