Try Ronin AI on your own data today!

We release a two step free demo path. The first one is the free demo. Already done?

The second one is our popular free of charge licence (TRYOUT) and allows you to:

  1. Predict for free (X) health indexes of your transformers with a (Y)-days licence duration.
  2. Create fleet of assets
  3. Compare transformers health index trends
  4. Explore health status trends on your favourite timeline




TRYOUT campaign disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in our TRYOUT campaign. Please read the following disclaimer before participating:

High Demand: Due to high demand, not all applicants may be selected for the TRYOUT campaign. Selection is based on various criteria determined by our team.

Possibility of Participation: Submitting a request does not guarantee entry into the TRYOUT campaign. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

Demo Use Only: The TRYOUT license provided is for demo purposes only and should not be resold or used for commercial or business activities.

Non-Transferable: TRYOUT licenses are non-transferable and are solely intended for personal evaluation and testing.

Non-Business Account Rejection: Requests from non-business email accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) or accounts that cannot be verified may not be considered for participation.

Compliance: Participants must adhere to our terms of service and usage guidelines during the TRYOUT period.

License Suspension and Changes: The TRYOUT license provided may be suspended, modified, or terminated at any time at our discretion.


    Fill out this form to ask for your free of charge licence

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