This week we want to follow up on some of the technical questions we are often asked during our presentations, and there was no better expert than our Tech Lead Fabio Cionini to answer on the IT side of our Ronin.

Q: My transformers fleet has online gas and water analyzers monitoring; can I interface Ronin with these to automatically load the data?

A: We are conscious of strategic values of such sector, indeed according to Transformer Magazine estimation, on line devices market reach almost 3 B$ in past years. Therefore, we provide solution for that using existing APIs or the creation of an ad hoc communication interface, Ronin can gather single gases values and merge them with offline measurements according to rule of CIGRE endorsed Ronin model. The end user can decide how often data from his systems should be acquired by Ronin.

Q: Can I integrate HI calculation into another corporate dashboard without using the full suite of Ronin?

A: Definitely: it is already possible, after generating a special access key, to interface directly with our API from any other software or server, using the REST standard, and use the HI calculation functions through a simple call. The result can then be viewed in a corporate dashboard or used in any other context.

    Q: Are there any risks of cyberattacks or data leakage from having your data uploaded to the cloud used by Ronin?

    A: Interesting question! Do you know that according to a survey of organizations across Europe and the U.S. in 2021, the most common first point of entry for a cyber-attack was through a corporate-owned server? ( source). We may say that a cloud service is not really a threat per se. Furthermore, by 2025, 95% of enterprise organizations will embrace hybrid cloud deployment (same source).

    Anyway, it must be said that Ronin can be connected to any corporate cloud upon request; there are cloud services that have been certified by public national organizations. As far as our application is concerned, the data acquired and used have no risk of violating corporate privacy as the features for calculating the Health Index are chemical-physical values, no identifying data of the asset is necessary (such as serial number, power, voltage, and so on). Some of our end customers that have implemented the highest cybersecurity policies have chosen Ronin for this reason.

    Q: Is it possible to install Ronin on a corporate server?

    A: It is technically possible, however the Machine Learning models on which the calculation of the Health Index is based require periodic training and learning sessions which must be planned and prepared with the utmost care by the development team. For this reason, the operation in cloud mode guarantees maximum flexibility coupled with the highest levels of security. Arranging the same sessions on an end user’s on-premises server would mean a very significant increase in costs and the possible exposure to vulnerabilities due to the fact of having to periodically “open a door” to the outside anyway.

    Thank you Fabio!

    We want to remind you that the best way to understand the potential of Ronin is to try it by subscribing to our demo and requesting a free trial license.