Senja Levio is a Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala and based out of Finland. She holds a Masters’ in Material Science and Technology from Tampere University. Her contributions in developing capacitive probes for humidity measurements in transformers has been pivotal and hugely successful across various industries. She is an expert on online moisture measurements and dissolved gas analysis (DGA) in transformers. She plays an instrumental role in CIGRE working group D1 which aims at materials and emerging technologies. She has previously worked in CIGRE working group (WG) D1.52 and D1/A2.47 and currently working in D1/A2.77 which focuses on liquid tests for electrical equipment in order to pave a path for future towards better testing and data interpretation.

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Q. Tell us about yourself

Q. What inspired you to join this sector?

Q. Can you elaborate why?

Senja: I think reliability, system or component, is outcome of proper maintenance policy and its executions.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you would give to a junior professional to succeed in your sector?

Q. Can you recommend any books or media?

Senja: Not really anything specific, but I always encourage to read: books, publications, news, articles and social media discussions, not just your own professional area, but pretty much everything. It’s a way to learn languages, cultures, different technological revolutions and widen your perspective on everything.

Be curious and look outside. Not just in to your neighborhood, but beyond!

Senja Levio

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