We are happy to bring you first-hand stories of Ronin-AI users from across the globe. In this series, meet Mr. Marcel Ellenbogen, Senior Electrical Engineer at Israel Electric Corporation. He is responsible for introduction and implementation of advanced technology procedures and means for asset management in transmission sector and other business units of the company. He is also known for his role as secretary of CIGRE National Committee (Israel) and CIRED .

You can get the video interview with Mr Ellenbogen on our Youtube channel as well.

What are the most appealing aspects of Ronin-AI to you?

There are several reasons. Firstly Ronin-AI perfectly met our need of a “second opinion tool” as basement for a next APM (Asset Performance Management) system. At least for transformers, the AI combined with Duval triangle can give us an insight of a possible significant difference between asset health conditions calculated using all relevant monitored data for transformers and the proper calculation of a true transformer health index as per CIGRE recommendations without any external and biased interpretation.

Secondly, it allows a quick health assessment of the assets, based solely on physical measurements, if you want – I like to call it – “a trigger” for any unsafe situation (what Seetalabs describes in its paper as a “Master Alarm“). This is an incentive approach to execute additional inquiries to identify the cause and possible follow ups in terms of maintenance or assets replacement.

Also, Ronin-AI had become a very fruitful support to our “Trafo’s Team” to get findings if a specific asset need to be included in the list of the so called “under surveillance items.” Another technical unit, the SPDM (Special Predictive Maintenance Team) is right now starting to use Seetalabs’ tool it as quick guide for in-situ testing, when is necessary to decide, while they are in operational area, if further action is needed.

Ronin-AI moved company also to to better automatize the input data process (field data to SAP while in-situ) and may support SPDM in their future mission to extend preventive testing approach to other transformers categories such medium voltage ones. More general it may proof that AI as edge innovative technology is a legitimate tool for condition assessment and mitigate assets risk.

Now coming to Ronin-AI features, could you tell us What do you like most about?

Simplicity and rapidity. It is a very straight forward tool with very little training needed and his affordable cost is also a matter of importance.

    What do you value the most about the Seetalabs team?

    I like their professionalism and true understanding of real-life problems of the customer, when the politeness and immediate response is something that itself explain the success of this young and energetic Company.

    We thanks Mr. Ellenbogen for his time and kind words. We hope to continue bringin you happy users in our upcoming episodes hopefully, from industrial groups located in Europe.