SeetaLabs intelligence will safegaurd your smart transformer

Experience digitization of predictive maintenance by using machine learning to interpret  transformer health.


Domain Advisors

In order to develop an AI solution, one needs deep understanding of the domain. SeetaLabs has a strong panel of domain experts who provide critical insights to make AI perform at its best.

The type of domain experts that we involve depends on the nature of problem. Whether it is energy and power, healthcare, bio-hacking, genomics or finance, our domain experts are always required to answer questions like:

  • What insights would be most valuable?
  • How to identify and use data confidently?
  • Can the data provide valuable insights?
  • Do the derived insights make sense?

Data Scientists and Data Engineers

SeetaLabs’ data scientists cater to critical questions of an AI project by determining its strengths, abilities, and limitations.

Our data engineers transform ideas, models, and algorithms from the data scientists by formalizing and running codes, sharing their subject expertise with users, through devices and application program interface (API), generating feedback, and incorporating incremental learning modules inside the AI framework for future improvements.

Full Stack Developers

Full-Stack and IT Specialist developers lead the design and development of the web stack helping our users visualize and manage their assets in real-time, using information acquired from our Ronin algorithm and managing the flow of large amounts of heterogeneous data as it is ingested from client uploads, organized in databases, analysed through machine learning pipelines, and displayed on the web and mobile customers devices.

As an early-stage start-up, an IT geek’s work has a huge impact on our growth.

Our Story

“Within a seed, there lives a magic fairy. Feed her right, and let her tell you a little story”

Shared Entity for Engineering and Technology Assessment (SEETA) was born deep inside our sub-conscious mind and travelled 6,500 km to the part of world where she is more than a myth!

It was the romantic idea of Syd Barrett’s version of life  that led to anxious gathering  of market experience,  managing transcontinental calls amidst train noises, coding from home with a 55 kg dribbling dog around, and setting market strategies on lazy afternoons.

Whether it is working from an old family mansion to sending voice notes while traveling through the Alps and Himalayas, we have done it all. 

People say that food and stories can turn strangers in to friends. But the chaotic dynamics of Seeta turned us in to a family.

Welcome to the world of SEETA! 


Alessandro Capo

Founder, Marketing and Sales

Sruti Chakraborty

Founder, R&D and Technology

Massimiliano Vurro

Founder, Technology & Management

Alberto Zotto

Domain Advisor - Electrical Engineer

Marius Grisaru

Domain Advisor, Power Transformers

Fabio Cionini

Full Stack & Tech Lead

Jane Doe

AI Developer - Pic Imagined by a GAN (generative adversarial network)

Paul Guy

Domain Advisor - Business Analyst

Are you excited about AI breakthroughs?

Are you curious about start-up culture?

Are you a visionary on futuristic applications of Machine Learning?

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AI technology is evolving faster than expected and is already surpassing human decision making in certain instances. And sometimes, in ways we can’t explain. While many are alarmed by this, AI is producing some of the most effective and dramatic results in business today.


But there is a downside. Uncontrolled use of AI for certain business functions may cause regulatory and ethical issues that could lead to liability. Optimizing AI for maximum benefit requires a new approach.


That’s why we are looking for talented developers visionaries, ethical and sustainability oriented people from all backgrounds, like statistics, engineering, computer science, psychology, philosophy, music with a strain of curiosity that compels them to dig into systems to find and use patterns.

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